BidaPoly Consult Nig Ltd

BidaPoly Consult Nig Ltd

Production of staff and students identification cards Production and sell of satchet water Cleaning and fumigation services Computer training Operating a daily need shop Car wash

The Federal Polytechnic Bida

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National Diploma (ND)

North Central, Nigeria
KM 1.5, Doko Road, Bida
Niger State


Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.

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Our Vision

BidaPoly Consult aspires to satisfying.varying needs of customers by delivering excellent service, people relation, business practices and processes income generation, productivity growth and profitability using best practices in service delevering, good manners and courtesy while staying competitive in the market place.

Our Mission

BidaPoly consult is in business to do business on behalf of polytechnic by providing excellent, varied world class customer services through highly motivated and rewarded staff using industry best practices to deliver long term share holder value that augments the finances of the polytechnic in a caring and conducive environment.

Jonathan Jacob Shiru

Head of Directorate/Unit
onathan Jacob Shiru was born on 18th March 1966 in Gubata village, Gbako Local Government area of Niger State. He had his education as follows: Primary Certificate 1978, Grade Two Teacher’s Certificate 1983, Bacherlor in Engineering 1991, Master in Engineering 2002,. Jonathan Jacob Shiru joined the services of Federal Polytechnic, Bida in 1992 as Assistant Lecturer and rose through the rank to chief lecturer in 2012. He is involved in teaching, conducting practicals and supervising student projects both at National and Higher National Diploma level.He has written and published many conference and journal papers. In addition, He has published two standard text books.Jonathan Jacob Shiru has held many positions in Federal Polytechnic, Bida. He is presently the Director Bida Poly Consult Nig Ltd. He is involved in many community development activities such as:Organizing tractor hiring services for farmers within and around Bida, Production and sales of grains for community from personal farm proceeds, Production and sales of grains for Polytechnic Staff members from the Department farm etc.He is a member of many professional bodies, such as: Council for the regulation of Engineering in Nigeria(COREN) 2011, R21597, Member Nigeria Society of Engineering(NSE) 1999 R 12,339, Member Nigeria Society of Agricultural Engineerings(NIAE)1998 R546, Jonathan Jacob Shiru Love farming, travelling and reading. He is happily married with children.l