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Objectives of The Federal Polytechnic Bida


The objectives of the institution are clearly encapsulated in the Vision and Mission statement of Polytechnic




Vision Statement


A leading Polytechnic with enviable and excellent academic standard, training students to be technologically skilled, morally sound and entrepreneurial.




Mission Statement


To build an enabling campus environment and train students in technology and management through the earned ‘Bida Standard’ for sustainable development.




Some of the strategic goals the present leadership team of the Polytechnic led by Dr. Abubakar Abdul Dzukogi seeks to achieve in the foreseeable future include the following:




·         Sustaining the existing programmes and introduce new relevant programmes that will meet the challenges of the 21st Century and beyond.




·         Ensuring quality and standards are not compromised


·         Making staff and students of the Polytechnic ICT compliant in line with the current global realities;


·         Collating and managing adequate information for the Polytechnic;


·         Arousing intellectualism and entrepreneurial competences leading to self-actualization and economic benefits;


·         Promoting Human Resource Development and capacity enhancement;


·         Providing a conducive and aesthetically attractive campus environment for academic activities and leisure;


·         Providing functional engineering structure and enhance the lifespan of facilities on campus;


·         Promoting community service development by being a driving force for constructive change among stakeholders such as Alumni, non-Governmental Organizations, Bida community and environs;


·         Working hard to become a renowned Polytechnic in the development of local, national and global technologies through constructive research and innovation;


·         Inculcating and developing good ethical conduct by observing the tenets of the Polytechnic and the SERVICOM charter;


·         Establishing and maintaining policies, programmes, facilities and schemes that will promote high quality welfare package for staff and students and bring up healthy and satisfactory life on campus;


·         Consolidating on the existing collaborations and linkages with various Organizations, Donor Agencies, Research Centers, Institutions etc relevant to the vision and mission of the Polytechnic;


·         Installing a sustainable and effective internal revenue generation and control  system that guarantees adequacy, efficiency and accountability;


·         Putting efficient administrative structure and management process based on transparency, accountability and respect for stakeholders’ input in the decision making process;

Engendering industrial harmony among staff and students and between unions and management with a view to achieving peaceful and cordial relationship in a serene environment to sustain the Bida Standard and so on.